Lamington Merino Socks

Award winning Lamington™ knee-high socks are cosy, comfy, cute and considerably better at staying up and staying on.

Made in New Zealand with fine merino wool, Lamington™ socks help cold feet and legs stay snuggly and warm.  The fine knit merino makes them super-warm and super-comfy without being bulky. Made to stand out from the rest, the range consists of stylish and fun designs for kids. 

New styles for 2017 - available now!

Size: 1 to 2 yrs   

(shoe size 2-4)   


Size: 2 to 4 yrs

(shoe size 5-8)  


Size:4 to 6 yrs  

(shoe size 9-12)  


Size: 5 to 7 yrs  

(shoe size 13-3)   


Size: 8+ yrs    

(shoe size 4-6)   


Size: Womans