Vintage Inspired - Beanies

Vintage inspired flowers on a Mini Merino beanie.  Lovingly handmade by Annie Amelia, a mix of Mini Merino's famous colours and Annie Amelia's gorgeous fabrics.
Flowers are supplied with a pin (with a safety catch) so it can be moved from garment to garment - let your imagination run wild, a truly versatile wee number.

Flowers measure approx 4.5 cm diameter.

Small 1 to 3 years   


Medium: 4 to 8 years


   Large: 8 ++ years

(fits small adult) $28 


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"I love merino on my wee girl especially here in Queenstown. I have tested most brands on the NZ market and I like yours the best for durability and of course fit!"

"I love the Mini Merino garments that I bought. The colours are beautiful, the material is great quality - soft and 100% merino wool"