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Merino Wool vs Normal Wool

Merino wool fibre is only a fraction of the diameter of normal wool. This is one of the reasons why the normal wool itches and merino wool does not. The much bigger scales of normal wool act like barbs against sensitive human skin, while fabric made of merino wool feels silky soft to touch.


Why New Zealand Merino?

New Zealand merino wool is 100% natural. It's renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. It is produced in the rugged high country of New Zealand’s Southern Alps where merino sheep roam freely. They have developed amazingly versatile wool to keep them warm during the crippling winters and cool during the long, hot summers. As a result New Zealand produces some of the best superfine Merino in the world. New Zealand merino products are world renowned for luxury, quality and performance.

Merino Wool - is it sustainable?

We use high quality light-weight (195g/m2) superfine New Zealand merino wool. In striving for a high quality product Mini Merino™ saw the importance of the sustainability of our supply chain. As a result we purchase 100% of our merino from a company who is Zque accredited. Zque is an accreditation programme that ensures environmental, social and economic sustainability, animal welfare and traceability.

Why is Merino perfect for kids?

Merino is a nature’s wonder fibre making it perfect for kids because of it's:

  • Luxurious Softness - a natural fibre that breathes and feels silky soft
  • Unique temperature regulating qualities - keeps kids warm when it's cold, and cool when it's warm
  • Durabilty - it can be washed again and again and it won't pill, lose its shape or colour
  • Natural Elasticity -  clothing will fit snugly every time and retain its natural shape
  • Lightweight - warm without being bulky
  • Resistance to stains - no need to wash after every wear
  • Easy Care - it is machine washable making it easy for busy parents!

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