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Sizing Guide

Our sizes are based on the age of the child ie. if they are 3 years old and of average build and height size 3 will most likely be the best fit for your child. If the child is tall or of a bigger build a size 4 may suit best.

The measurements below are garment measurements NOT the childs measurements
Body Length:
shoulder seam to the back bottom hem
Chest: right around the chest.
Shoulder to Shoulder: full width of the shoulders from seam to seam.
Sleeve Length: top of the arm right to the seam at the wrist
Waist:  this stretches to fit the waist so it will be smaller than childs waist size

If you are unsure about sizing, please get in touch with us by calling us on 0800 MERINO or emailing us at info@minimerino.co.nz and we will advise you on the right sizing for your child.

Long Sleeve Tee

Size Body Length Chest Shoulder to Shoulder Sleeve Length
1 year                            39cm                      52cm                     19cm 27cm
2 years 41cm 54cm 20cm 30cm
3 years 43cm 58cm 21cm 33cm
4 years 44cm 60cm 22cm 35cm
5 to 6 years 46cm 64cm 24cm 40cm
7 to 8 years 48.5cm 66cm 27cm 46cm
9 to 10 years xxx xxx xxx xxx


Size Body Length Chest
2 years 48cm 56cm
3 to 4 years  54cm 59cm
5 to 6 years      60cm 64cm
7 to 8 years 65cm 67cm
9 to 10 years xxx


Leggings - coming soon!


Waist (unstretched)

Length (outside leg) Length (inside leg)
1 year
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 to 6 years
7 to 8 years
9 to 10 years


Swing Dress

Size                     Body Length Chest           
2 years 48cm 56cm
3 to 4 years 54cm 59cm
5 to 6 years 60cm 64cm
7 to 8 years 65cm 67cm


Size                                     To Fit (age)
Small 1 to 3 years
Medium 4 to 7 years
Large 8 ++ years (fits small adult)

Fingerless Gloves

Size To Fit (age)
Medium  8 to 12 years
Large  13 yrs to adult (women)

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